I’ve been meaning to start a blog for years, but it just never happened.  Then all of a sudden, my 45th birthday happened and so this became my present to myself?  And why?  I think it’s just a place to dump the stuff in my head and also share some of the things I’ve made.

My name is Debbie and I live in Bath, UK with my partner and two girls who are 3 and 5 months.  Looking back, my twenties were a bit of a car crash of misery, but my thirties much better: I moved house, progressed at work and caught the travelling bug.  Then a few times a year, I would go off abroad.  Often at very short notice, always with my camera, and always with a desire to photograph wildlife (with varying success).

image And so to the blue lizard: I spent six months in South and Central America and ended up on a very small island off the pacific coast of Colombia.  Looking back, it wasn’t a great idea to go there, but the prospect of finding a blue lizard was too tempting.  It was an incredible few days but I cringe now when I recall the huge boa constrictor that I nearly tripped over.  I got a photo of that too.


My life has changed immeasurably in the few years since then – I met my partner and we had a daughter called Clover.  Then just as we drew a firm line under the possibility of further children, along came Marigold.


And so my life right now is spent at home, mostly in chaos.  Our house is an old townhouse and constantly needs stuff done to it.  We’ve just recovered from the shock of the basement renovation and now any spare time I have is spent doing things with vintage textiles and furniture.  I also have an allotment, although that’s gone to rack and ruin this year.  We are also Airbnb hosts, although that’s going the same way as the allotment…


So that’s my life really – hopefully some of the more interesting and useful bits will end up on these pages!