On the usual late-running plod to nursery this morning, I ended up counting Christmas wreaths on doors and allowing a brief moment of inadequacy to wash over me, in that ‘oh god there’s something else I’ve forgotten to do’ kind of way (along with Elf On Shelf, explaining about the Baby Jesus, throwing a grown-up drinks party and various other things).  Then, like most thoughts I have these days, it passed fairly quickly and I resumed shrieking at my three year old to Hurry Up We Need To Get To Nursery TODAY

Then as I arrived back home, I glanced at the vast curtain of weeds covering the wall on the other side of the road and realised there were my raw materials!  So while baby Marigold slept, I nipped across the road with a pair of scissors and cut a few dangly weed bits down.


They turned out to be perfect for the task – very rope-like and flexible, and very, very long.


I used an old plastic bucket as a mould to twist the first few strands into a circle then I was on my way!


Then I removed it from the bucket and worked on it on the kitchen floor, nipping off now and again to cut down a few more lengths of weedy wreath material (no idea what its botanical name is)img_9955

The leafy embellishment was a bit trickier as I’m slightly lacking in artistic flair and flower arranging skills but decided on a strip of ivy in a semi circle then a few extra leaves woven in.  The ivy was held in place with a few stitches using an upholstery needle and linen thread (which I just happened to have on the kitchen table as my nightlife currently revolves around vintage sofa restoration…)


And then it was finished!  I thought about adding some festive ribbon but in the end just added a loop of twine to hang it from the door


So there it is – a quick make from roadside weeds and costing £0.  I might do this again next year!