Our bedroom has been a place of chaos, noise and disorder these last few months, thanks to the arrival of baby Marigold who has been sharing our room.  My lovely teak trolley which sits in the corner of the room has been her changing table, and it worked very well for a while but she’s now so strong and mobile (and stood independently for the first time on New Year’s Day!) that we daren’t put her on there any more.  She’s now sleeping in a room shared with her older sister and so I decided it was time to try and restore some peace and order to our bedroom with some nice things to look at, rather than piles of washing and toys strewn across the floor.

The bedroom is relatively plain, but there’s a reference to my love of tropical themed decor in the form of an enlarged photo above the bed.  It’s a hut built out over the sea on a small island in Belize, a place we’ve stayed a couple of times.  The picture has a sepia tint and feels dreamlike, just like our holidays there (although our last trip back in 2014 with baby in tow wasn’t quite so restful…)

My lovely hut in Belize

I’ve been after a swiss cheese plant (or Monstera Deliciosa, to give it its formal name) for ages; they are a bit of a cliche right now in terms of fashion and interiors but I’ve always adored them.  I missed the ones going cheap at Lidl recently and was resigned to buying one online until I visited the nursery/garden shop at Kilver Court the other day.  I asked the staff if they happened to have any and initially they said no, but then they remembered there was a rather sorry looking one which had been hanging around for a while…  Just a few minutes later we were driving home with this exotic plant squeezed into the boot, its oversized leaves pressed against the back window of the car.

Close-up of my own plant

My love of these plants ties in with my adoration of all things tropical and some of my happiest memories are of being in the jungle listening to birdsong and looking upwards at the incredible jungle canopy (although I try not to think so much about the blisters and poisonous snakes I’ve encountered).  I read the other day that tropical style is on the wane now in terms of interiors trends and laughed at one of the responses posted: ‘you’ll have to tear those palm leaves from my cold, dead hands!’.  I guess that sums up how I feel about it all too.

The Rio Sirena, Costa Rica, at dawn – I can hear the birdsong now

Anyway, back to the cheese plant.   Initially, I wanted it for the lounge, but the trolley in the bedroom is the perfect location for it as it’s just such a lovely thing to look at from the bed.  It’s not far from the window, and when the sun shines the most amazing leaf shadows are cast on the walls.


And now the plant is in situ, I’m getting into my tropical decor stride.  The roman blind is currently a goldish coloured silk one, and I’ve been wondering what to do with it as it’s beginning to fall apart.  Recently, I was lucky enough to locate some heavily discounted Lacroix monochrome velvet in an exotic leaf print (full name is Soft Jardin Exo’chic in Caviar) and I’m probably going to make a new blind out of this, although I think I need to hang it up on the window for a while and see if it’s going to be too much for the room or not.


And what of the beautiful vanity case on the lower deck of the trolley?  That was given to me at Christmas by my other half.  It’s a vintage Samsonite Fashionaire vanity case which caught my eye on Ebay back in mid December.  The design is usually attributed to Marimekko (and I’m a huge fan) but I think this is a popular myth which now gets applied to all Ebay/Etsy listings.  It’s still a stunning print nevertheless and I plan to fill it with my nice things and use it every day.   It’s not just the bedroom which needs restoring to its former self; I’ve felt like a train wreck these last few months and I see the vanity case as a kind of new start where I start taking care of myself a little bit more again.


So, onwards and upwards with the bedroom – still a lot of tidying and sorting to do but I hope to come back soon and show you a tropical, leafy haven.