One of the downsides of living in a victorian terrace is the long, narrow dark hall.  It was kind of manageable though until children arrived and then it gradually evolved into its recent state of trip hazard theme park with scratched and marked walls, pushchair, bike, scooter, coats, gloves, hats, more coats, nursery bags, keys, unopened post, yet more coats, roller skates and anything else which happens to get dumped there.

Some time ago, I got some Ikea Kallax units (a pair of 2 x 2), sewed some vintage fabric to the storage boxes and put them in the hall with boxes allocated to different categories of crap.  It worked quite well, but the storage units themselves were too bulky for the narrow hallway and it still looked untidy.

Ikea Drona boxes customed with vintage fabric (this is Lago by Saini Salonen for Boras)
The horror of the everyday untidiness

Recently, I looked into various aesthetically pleasing options such as vintage lockers and hall stands.  However, the lockers I saw were almost always expensive and actually not that practical for our stuff.  And then I spotted it on Ebay: the hall stand of my dreams!  It’s a mid century design in teak and metal and consisted of mirror, overhead rack, hooks and a little cupboard with sliding doors below, which looked like it also had potential for sitting small children on when putting their shoes on…

I knew I wasn’t ever going to find anything like it again so got courier quotes and bid with everything crossed.  And then eight days later, there it was, in my hallway!

The most beautiful hall stand in the world
The extremely useful mirror
Close up of decorative panels

Clearly the, amount of storage has reduced as we’ve lost all those Kallax boxes.  Most things are now in oversized Ikea baskets (from Fladis and Jassa ranges), and they sit on the floor either side of the stand.  Despite the baskets, the hallway feels much more spacious and it’s been brightened up further by a new coat of paint, a new rug and some vintage fabric decorating the wall (I just happened to have these lying around and they were an ideal quick fix for an empty wall!)


Vintage fabric and stained glass

Now, admittedly there’s still a few things to put back in place, such as our coats and a small bicycle which insists on sitting in the hall and marking the walls.  Oh and that bloody scooter.  But I’m determined to keep it as a tidy and welcoming space now.