I started this blog three years ago, back in the autumn of 2016. It was a kind of 45th birthday present (or resolution!) to myself, a means of capturing the details of my then life which mostly revolved around small children, home decor and the various small creative projects I was tackling.

But then the doodoo started to hit the fan and the blog became a place to get my thoughts down and make sense of what was happening to us.

In 2016, I was writing mostly about tackling building projects with a newborn in situ, growing veg and hoarding vintage fabric.

2017 saw my eldest child become seriously ill with Guillain Barre Syndrome, swiftly followed by my breast cancer diagnosis. I also started my business at this time, making good use of the hoarded fabric!

In 2018, the dust settled a bit, we both recovered, my business grew and we bought a campervan

And that brings us up to 2019: I’m now working full time again (poking at datawarehouses with a big pointy stick), have taken up paddleboarding and a big house move is on the horizon.

And the blog name? In my carefree, slightly financially better off thirties, I used to head off with my camera gear to exotic destinations at the drop of a hat and photograph rare and interesting wildlife.  One trip was spent in pursuit of the blue lizard and on reflection I was lucky to get back to the UK alive.  My life is varied and rich in other ways now, but I do miss my adventures in the tropics.