I don’t really have anything original to tell you – my life is spent at home with two small children (yup, had them late too), most of my hair has fallen out and I try to take on various mini and not-so-mini projects in between the wash loads, screams and feeds.

My life just a few short years ago was very different – the blue lizards of my blog name were one of the many subjects of my pictures, photos taken around the world, in locations travelled to at a moment’s notice.  Right now, getting to the local supermarket feels just as challenging but I hope one day to get the camera out again and find some more reptiles!

Meanwhile, here’s a bunch of posts about my everyday life – my adorable girls, bits of vintage fabric, failed vegetable growing and teak furniture collection.  And some lovely lizards of course.


I wrote the profile above when I started out with the blog, in Autumn of 2016.  2017 has turned out to be a bit of a shocker for us due to serious illnesses and so the blog has been a bit neglected.  Life goes on though, and I continue to do stuff with fabric and grow the occasional vegetable.  With any luck, I’ll starting writing more soon too.