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The Hallway Overhaul

One of the downsides of living in a victorian terrace is the long, narrow dark hall.  It was kind of manageable though until children arrived and then it gradually evolved into its recent state of trip hazard theme park with... Continue Reading →

Howard in the hallway

Well, it's so long since I last wrote (five whole weeks!) that my hair has grown and lost its sharpness so I guess I'll have to get it cut and restored to its pixie glory soon (I fear there are... Continue Reading →

It’s Finally Finished!!

Yup, and I'm jumping for joy too, or rather I would be if I didn't have a sleeping 7 month old strapped to my back (the only reason these days that I get ANYTHING done). A quick recap: I bought... Continue Reading →

The Mustard Egg

I most definitely wasn't looking for an egg chair but I found this on Ebay (um, so on some level I probably was looking for one but certainly didn't have the room for one in my house).  Anyway, I couldn't... Continue Reading →

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