I used to shoot blue lizards

my life in the domestic jungle



Where The Wild Things Are

Our bedroom has been a place of chaos, noise and disorder these last few months, thanks to the arrival of baby Marigold who has been sharing our room.  My lovely teak trolley which sits in the corner of the room... Continue Reading →

It’s Finally Finished!!

Yup, and I'm jumping for joy too, or rather I would be if I didn't have a sleeping 7 month old strapped to my back (the only reason these days that I get ANYTHING done). A quick recap: I bought... Continue Reading →

The Sofa That Came To Stay

So here's the story...  Mad woman with baby and toddler seeks extra projects to take on and longs for a vintage sofa.  Quick sale of old sofa is rapidly followed by arrival of new one, and they all lived happily... Continue Reading →

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