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Great expectations 4 – seeing the light

The dining area was the last part of the kitchen renovation to be completed.  It's an awkward space as the only real place we could squeeze it in was in the widened area between the kitchen and lounge.  In most... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations 3 – from cupboard of horrors to dream pantry

In my last blog post here, I told the story of how the crumbling, damp basement kitchen was replaced.  One of the problems we had with the old kitchen was that the Ikea pull-out larder cupboard no longer worked for... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations 2 – the main kitchen

In my last blog post, I talked about the preparation for our epic basement kitchen overhaul and here's the next chapter: Work started on demolition of the existing kitchen in the second week of March 2016: it was a bit... Continue Reading →

Great Expectations – introducing the kitchen renovation saga

There's never a good time to have a baby, and there's never a good time to knock down half your house and replace the kitchen either.  And it was almost exactly a year ago that I found myself pregnant at... Continue Reading →

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